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In recent years, Le Pen family members have been frequent visitors to the Russian Embassy. Putin, at the same time, received endorsement from her party for his takeover of Crimea. /> TVO could have financed the loan without French aid, which was not given at a cut-price rate that would have been an unfair advantage over rivals, the EU said. Environmental campaigners sparked the EU probe by complaining that French help for Finnish power company Teollisuuden Voima Oy was a government subsidy banned under EU rules. Putin, even as France’s and indeed most of Europe’s relations with Russia have frayed over events in Ukraine.

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. /> Greenpeace's Jan Havercamp criticised the ruling and claimed that French government favors the nuclear industry above other types of power, discouraging investment in renewable energy. French loans to russia tagat iseta laenud. French loans to russia tagat iseta laenud. Le Pen has been steadfast in her admiration of Russia’s president, Vladimir V. To address problems in the Middle East, Fillon said, France should work with Russia and Iran. Many voters are still undecided, many may just stay home.

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. />It had opened an investigation last year after complaints from Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Federation about the guarantee the French state export credit insurance agency Coface gave to TVO to buy equipment from France's Areva-Framatom. There should be a security conference from the Atlantic to the Urals. But about Le Pen there is now no doubt at all.-Anna Nemtsova reported from Moscow and Christopher Dickey reported from Paris.

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. />France - which relies on nuclear for most of its electricity - and state-owned nuclear power plant supplier Areva champion atomic power as a homegrown solution to rising imports of expensive oil and natural gas. She has consistently blamed Washington for starting the new “cold war.” So it was widely assumed that Le Pen was in Moscow Friday as a loyal ally looking for more funding.We may not learn the outcome of that financial venture for some time. Erin Zaleski also contributed reporting to this story. “The world has become again very dangerous,” he said. Laenud maksehäireregistris olevatele klientidele laenu taotlemine ID kaardiga. But given what we saw with Trump and Brexit last year, there’s no reason for complacency. de Saint-Just said he had been steered to the Russian bank by a National Front member of the European Parliament who had “connections with Russians.” He said that he spent four months meeting with bank officials to negotiate the loan. She will be by far the most destructive for NATO and the EU. “What is scandalous here,” she said, “is that the French banks are not lending!”The money appears to be yet another sign of growing closeness between Europe’s far-right parties and Russia. />They also claim it is environmentally friendly because plants do not release the carbon dioxide linked to climate change.

She has looked like a pretty solid front runner in the first round of the French elections. “I want to be the president of peace. "She first had meetings with the leaders of the Duma [Russia’s parliament], then she was taken to an exhibit devoted to France at the Kremlin, then she met with Putin. />Despite delays and budget overruns, the Finnish atomic station is a key project for the nuclear power industry as European countries weigh up replacing or phasing out older plants.

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. She has proposed breaking France’s relationship with NATO’s command in favor of a new alliance that would include Russia.Her father, Jean-Marie, has long had ties to Russia’s ruling officials. />"Neither Areva nor TVO have derived an unfair advantage from the state guarantee, which does not constitute state aid," said EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes. />Opponents point to high construction costs and worries over storing toxic nuclear waste