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  • i828

  • Operatsiooni Stiil: Mehaaniline
  • Klaviatuur Standard: Mini Klaviatuur
  • Brändi Nimi: DURGOD
  • Stiil: STANDARD
  • Taotlus: Number
  • Liidese Tüüp: Tüüp
  • Keel: Prantsuse
  • Tüüp: Wired

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Pls tähelepanu pöörama: kahjustamise vältimiseks PCB hot vahetatakse-pistikupesad, pls veenduge, et teie lülitid' pin-kood on vertikaalne , ja sa parem ei kasuta, kasutatakse klahvi lülitid jootmisel tina.



Kit1: BM60 ISO RGB PCB +BM60 Stabilisaatorid

Kit2: BM60 ISO RGB PCB +Must Plastist

Kit3: BM60 ISO RGB PCB + 2.25 U Lshift Alu Plaat

Kit5: BM60 ISO RGB PCB +Black Plastic Case+ BM60 Stabilisaatorid

Kit6: BM60 ISO RGB PCB +Valge Plastist

Kit7: BM60 ISO RGB PCB +Valge Plastist+BM60 Stabilisaatorid

Kit8: BM60 ISO RGB PCB + BM60 Stabilisaatorid + 2.25 u Lshift Alu Plaat + Plastist (Pls kaubamärgi Must/Valge/Selge) + 70 Gateron Lülitid ( Pls mark tüüp )

Kit9: BM60 ISO RGB PCB + BM60 Stabilisaatorid + 2.25 u Lshift Alu Plaat + Plastist (Pls kaubamärgi Must/Valge/Selge) + 70 Gateron Lülitid ( Pls mark tüüp ) + Rullikeeratud Kaabel (Pls märgi värv hall/valge/must) Kit10: BM60 ISO RGB PCB + 70 Gateron Lülitid ( Pls mark tüüp ) Pls tähelepanu Pöörama: 1.Lüliti doesn ' t sisaldama Gateron silent lülitiga. 2.Saad valida Gateron Selge/Sinine/Roheline/Kollane/Punane/Pruun/Must 3pin SMD. 3.Kui tellite PCB, sa ainult saada BM60 ISO RGB PCB. 4.Seda linki, välja arvatud mis tahes CNC juhul või mis tahes keycap:). 5.See pcb saab toetada ainult ISO paigutus, kui teil on vaja standardset 60 paigutus, pls valida BM60 RGB.Spec 1\Enam kui 60 võtmed 2\Toetab offline flash app 3\Täielikult programmeeritav PCB(QMK toetatud) 4\Täis kiirvahetus lüliti pesad 5\Täis RGB Ledid, lülitid(tüüpi LED mõju) 6\6 alt RGB underglow led(pre-joodetud) 7\Standard ICSP liides 8\MX Varre toetust 9\ - Kõik osad juhatuse juba eelnevalt joodetud nii PCB on valmis võti lülitid ja Ledid 10\Tüüp C port Kuidas flash BM60 ISO RGB, pls vaadake seda linki: Https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W_gEDvrQ4U2cU7-NQ7ChMHBhihs1utPG Pls tähelepanu pöörama: PCB ainult, mis ei sisalda muid asju.

G Fedorov
The kit is great. The case meets, the plate and the stabs are a little chusta, I recommend pillar plate aside and some good stabs. Still great, easy to flashear with QMK
package recieved after 2 months which acceptable considering the current globale situation got eveything i asked for
The product that arrives is exactly what is described, in my case I bought the kit9 and all the components that come have a good finish and work to the perfection, the only flaw I can put to you is the cable they include, since it is very short (it measures 30 cm) And it doesn't reach my computer. One of my biggest doubts was whether this keyboard was going to work in Spanish and so it was. You have all the keys you need to write in Spanish and no need to use rare key combinations. I haven't tried the customization firmware much for macros yet since with the features that include factory is enough for me. I recommend 100%.
This is an excellent ISO pcb from one the best custom keyboard stores in the planet! Benefits : -North facing led's so, unlike South facing, it works perfect with backlit keycaps. Also you don't get glare from the led's like you would from south facing. Having the leds north facing is one of the top features and best benefits of this pcb. Finally, a good design! - Hotswap sockets are Kailh - Can be flashed with latest qmk firmware which uses rgb matrix that have many awesome rgb effects. - The keyboard will save the last rgb setting used, so if you unplug the keyboard, it will still remember your settings. Some keyboards reset to default rgb setting! If v2 will have wireless connectivity, I'm definitely buying. Thank you KPRepublic for this awesome product. Hands down best 60% custom iso pcb out there.
Tom Bishop92
first step in the mechanical keyboard for me and this kit is perfect with ISO layout, hot swappable switches, qmk firmware and easy assembly. Very satisfied.

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