Märksõnad: decor lill seina, bonsai, 3 muna kaunistamiseks, kodu, artifici lill, vannituba kleebis, seepi, pidulik pulm teenetemärgid, st valentin, lilled brides.

€10.62 €15.18
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  • Mudeli Number: DD2
  • Brändi Nimi: NoEnName_Null
  • type1: mini lilled
  • Liigitus: Tehislilled
  • Type3: seep lill seep roosi lill peas,kunstlikku lille pulm
  • Kasutamine: Dekoratiivsed Lilled & Pidu Gift Rose
  • Type2: roosi seep
  • Tüüp: Roos
  • Materjal: Raamat
  • Sündmus: Pulmad
  • nõus: Drop shipping
  • Stiil: Lill
  • läbimõõt suurus: 3,5 cm
  • Lille Stiil: Lill, Juhataja

50tk Roosi Seep Lill Odav Mini Lilled Kunstlik 3,5 Cm Romantiline Pulm sõbrapäeva Kingitus, Pulm Bankett Kodu Kaunistamiseks


Had to take them out of the package and let them air out a bit, but after that, they smelled delicious. Maybe reconsider the packaging or add a note for people to let them air out. When I first opened the box, it was a very strong chemical smell to it, but now I’m sure it’s from the packaging materials and not from the soaps themselves
Sanina Borodiy
Thank you so much

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