Märksõnad: rinnahoidja, 36 dd rinnahoidja, stiilne ja seksikas rinnahoidja, spordi rinnahoidja risti kinnitamine, must korsett kostüüm, feont rihm sport rinnahoidja, 32 dd rinnahoidja, seksikas põrutuskindel polsterdatud sport rinnahoidja, 38 dd rinnahoidja, beež värv, pael, sport rinnahoidja.

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  • i1143

  • Funktsioon: Kiire Kuiv
  • Sulgemise Tüüp: no
  • Mudeli Number: WX120
  • Brändi Nimi: Merineitsi Kõver
  • rinnahoidja cup: Täis Tassi
  • Sportlik: Fitness
  • Tüüp: tank
  • Materjal: Nailon
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)

Polina Bychkova 1998
This is a very nice well-made and well sewn bra. The sizing is accurate on the charts. I will say that there is not a lot of stretch in this fabric. Also these are made for small cup sizes only! If you are a "C" or "D" or higher - don't bother with these. If you get the bottom band the right size, there is only a small increase to the cup size. Also, hard to see in the photos is a bit of mesh material in the front. It's a slightly different color than the rest. It's fine but I didn't expect it since it doesn't show well in photos. I got the "purple" which is really a brownish maroon.
For this price, the quality is low

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