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Later all historical provinces have been given "hertigdöme"/duchy as honorary title.

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. "County" is a reasonable British English translation of Län. Kergesti saadavad kiirlaenud laenud ilma tagatiseta. In Sweden a is but an arm of the executive power of the national government, and has no autonomy nor legislative power. Another reason is that in education, Sweden has preferred British English over American English.

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. Examples of such former Swedish are Estonia and Swedish Pomerania. Laen taimfants speak to avao loan specialist. The word literally means fief.

The governor's office is administrative by nature, which is also hinted at by the now obsolete title Konungens befallningshavande - "the King's Deputy" - and traditionally used as an honourable post for politicians to conclude their careers. The usual English language terms used are separate for the two countries, where Sweden has chosen to translate the term as "county" while Finland prefers "province". The term matches reasonably well the British term "county", but not so well the American term "county" which is usually much smaller in population, more like Swedish "kommun". The main responsibility is health care and public transport. Helsingin Sanomat International Edition. Die Bewertungsfunktion ist nach Ausleihen des Videos verfügbar. Unlike the United States, where the governor of a state or territory is the directly elected chief executive, the governor of a Swedish county is appointed to represent the central government, rather than elected by the people. This is a locally elected assembly, which collects tax and has responsibility for a number of services to the population. Laen taimfants speak to avao loan specialist. The reason why Sweden has chosen to translate the term to "county" is that in Swedish and English, the word "provins"/"province" has come to mean different things